An Exclusive Mom Swap Bunny Madison Scene

Don’t Worry, just Swap!

Mona Azar and Bunny Madison

Don’t Worry – Just Swap! with Bunny Madison | Mom Swap

Bunny and Mona are always concerned about the well-being of their beloved stepsons, Diego and Ellias. The two busty stepmoms can’t bear the thought of the boys getting sick or getting hurt if they were to leave the house. But all Diego and Ellias want to do is fuck hot girls, so they hatch a scheme to sneak out of the house. Their plan is foiled when Bunny catches them in the act. Now, Bunny and Mona will need to think of a way to keep the young studs content with staying home. Luckily they’ve got just the right idea. Ellias will fuck Bunny, and Diego will fuck Mona. The stepsons can’t believe their luck as they slide their cocks deep inside each other’s stepmoms. These milfs love every second of it, and even though they know it’s wrong, it just feels so right. So right, in fact, that they decide to spice things up and swap.

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